Why You Should Have Your Pet Microchipped


Once upon a time a little ginger kitten was adopted from Cats Protection and went to live in the Peak District with his new, adoring owner who named him Gingernuts. Like a responsible owner, she had him vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and neutered. He grew to be a big, fluffy handsome boy and they should have lived happily ever after together.

BUT… one day, four years later, Gingernuts disappeared and, in spite of all his heartbroken owner’s efforts to find him, he didn’t return. In time, she came to accept that he was gone for ever but she didn’t replace him and certainly never forgot him. Gingernuts was irreplaceable.

Which could have been the unhappy ending to our story…

Meanwhile, in another part of the Peak District, a kind elderly lady took in a stray cat, who soon settled in and became her dear companion. They had ten lovely years together until, sadly, she passed away. Her family took the cat to Cats Protection for rehoming and, on a visit to the local vets’ for a health check, scanning revealed he had a microchip and his original owner was traced.

Bunny and Gingernuts

Yes, you’ve guessed: the cat was Gingernuts and his owner shocked but overjoyed to receive the news! No-one will ever know how he travelled so far but she suspects that, being an inquisitive cat, he hitched a ride and then couldn’t find his way home. They are now happily reunited: he was bewildered and subdued for the first few days but has now recovered his old character and funny little ways, and is behaving like the last 10 years never happened.

Gingernuts abck home

We now hope they CAN live happily ever after together, which would not have happened without that precious, vital little piece of technology called the microchip.

June is Microchipping Month so, if your pet hasn’t yet been chipped, do please bring him along and we’ll do it at a special, reduced price. We’d hate there to be an unhappy ending if your pet ever went wandering.

Gingernuts is one of our special patients and we’re so glad to see him again. But not half so glad as his adoring owner. The smile says it all.

Images © courtesy of Chris James Photography