Our Services

We provide comprehensive services to the wide range of pets we see on a daily basis. After your initial consultation your pet may be admitted to hospital for one or more of the following diagnostic or therapeutic procedures:

Medical Treatment:

Serious medical conditions such as severe vomiting and diarrhoea, kidney failure, diabetes, pancreatitis and liver failure will frequently require blood tests, urine examination and possible x-ray or ultrasound exam for diagnosis. In-hospital treatment including intravenous fluids and other medications are usually required to support the function of vital organs whilst the underlying condition is treated. We have an in house laboratory analyser which we can use to evaluate a wide variety of organ functions as well as routine blood profiles. For more complex tests we use an external laboratory where results are usually returned within 24 hours.


We perform routine neutering procedures on many domestic pets. We also carry out soft tissue surgical procedures from the removal of small lumps and warts to the removal of invasive cancers. Abdominal surgery such as the removal of foreign bodies like stones, balls and some other surprising objects from the stomach and intestines is not uncommon. We also carry out orthopaedic procedures like repairing ruptured cruciate ligaments and fixing many uncomplicated bone fractures.


Our x-ray suite is on hand to take radiographs for the early diagnosis of a variety of problems. These may include fractured bones, osteoarthritis, intestinal obstructions or masses and heart or lung problems. Sedation or anaesthesia is normally required to perform these procedures. We also have experience in taking x-rays to submit to the BVA for hip and elbow scoring for dog breeders. We now also have a brand new dental x-ray machine enabling us to achieve high quality radiographs of teeth and surrounding structures. This is essential in the diagnostics and management of many dental diseases.

High quality Ultrasound:

Our ultrasound machine aids in the diagnosis of various diseases such as abdominal masses or heart and chest problems. We can also scan your cat or dog to see if she is pregnant!


Dental disease is one of the most common problems we encounter. Chronic gingivitis (gum disease) often begins at a young age. It may be painful and can even lead to heart and kidney problems. Tartar (scale) builds up on the teeth leading to infection and disease of the roots with eventual tooth loss. Patients require an anaesthetic to have the mouth fully examined. Any diseased teeth will need to be extracted followed by a thorough scale and polish to remove plaque and tartar. We will advise on a number of home care routines and products you can use to try and keep the mouth healthy.

Preventative healthcare:

Fortunately most pets we see do not require all the diagnostic tests that we are able to offer! With regular health checks, vaccinations, treatment for fleas and worms and advice about other health issues our team is able to keep your pet free from many preventable diseases.

Nurse Clinics

Our experienced nurses are able to give you lots of useful advice about your pets wellbeing and preventative health care.

If you would like to talk to a nurse about your pets health care please call for an appointment

Puppy Parties

Our 'Puppy Parties' provide the opportunity to discuss any problems, pick up tips from our experienced nursing staff, receive generous discounts, try some samples and get a 'behind the scenes' guided tour of the practice. All free of charge.