MiNightVet is a dedicated emergency and critical care service


MiNightVet is a dedicated emergency and critical care service for pets based at Springfield Veterinary Hospital, 39 Moorgate Road, Rotherham S60 2AD (An RCVS accredited practice).

In order to provide the best possible care for your pets 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we work closely with the team of vets and nurses on site throughout the night, weekend and Bank Holidays. So when our surgery is closed you can phone MiNightVet on 01709 377241 for FREE telephone advice. If necessary they will be able to access our fully computerised medical records so they can understand your pet’s individual needs.

If it is evident your pet needs to be seen as an emergency out-ofhours, you can arrange to go to the Veterinary Hospital where the vet and nurse on duty will be able to give your pet the best possible care. Naturally, there will be a charge for this service (which is payable to Springfield Vets) and they will be able to give you a price for the initial consultation cost when you phone. A more detailed estimate of any further costs will be given when your pet has been assessed. You will be asked to pay the fees at the time of the consultation, or when you collect your pet, if it has to stay in the Hospital.

Pet Insurance often covers most of the fees involved in emergency care but it is important to be sure you have a policy in place which gives sufficient cover before agreeing to any treatment, as you would ultimately be liable for any expense incurred.

Home visits can be arranged if the vet decides your pet is too ill to travel but in most cases it will be best for your pet if you can arrange to transport it to the Hospital where they have the facilities to give your pet the best possible care. If you do not have your own transport there are a number of Pet Taxis who operate in the area (at your own expense). Ask our reception staff if you need to know more details. Always make sure your pet is transported safely and securely. You may wish to keep a list of suitable taxi firms in case of an emergency.

In many cases your pet will be able to go home straight after the treatment. If a Hospital stay is necessary for further tests, observation or surgery, the team will keep you informed of progress and give you regular updates on your pet’s condition. If required, Springfield Vets can continue your pet’s treatment at their hospital until your pet is well enough to go home.

Because we work closely with the MiNightVet service we will be given an update on any treatment received. You will then be able to bring your pet to us for follow-up treatment if required. Please make an appointment in the usual way.

If you have any questions or concerns about MiNightVet service you can speak to the Clinical Directors at Springfield on 01709 377241.

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